What is Contact Dance (Contact Improvisation / Contact Tango)?

Oxford Contact Dance organises contact improvisation & contact tango in Oxford. You'd be very welcome to join us. We held our first dance session on 13 September 2014 at the Old Fire Station and we've held many more classes and dance sessions ('jams') since then. If you'd like to know of forthcoming contact dance sessions in Oxford then please use the email sign-up below to receive email notfications. We look forward to dancing with you.

These photographs, from our Open Dance Session at the Old Fire Station in Oxford on 13 September. [Photos and editing Ana Barbour].

Hands & shoulders: What is contact dance?
Contact: shoulders & hands

Shin contact: What is contact dance?
Contact: shins & feet

Hands contact: What is contact dance?
Contact: hands

Films : Contact Dance (Contact Improvisation / Contact Tango)

Oxford Contact Dance

'In Between' performance: a dance using contact improvisation. Edited highlights from the 'In Between' performance on Saturday 25 May at the Turrill Sculpture Garden, Oxford. Two dancers; two cellists. This performance is a collaboration between cellists Josie Webber and Bruno Guastalla; and the dancers Josephine Dyer and Andrew Wood. Further information about this dance performance.

See Oxford Contact Dance's Youtube channel with lots of other performances and videos

Contact Improvisation dance session ('a jam') at Warrsaw Flow festival, Poland

Poland Contact Improvisation Festival - Warsaw Flow 2012 - Jam.

Contact Improvisation trio at FRU dance festival, Poland

'Contact Improvisation relies on communication with one's partner by use of notions of physics such as: dynamics, gravity, centrifugal force, weight, momentum, swing, suspension, energy.'

Contact Improvisation duet - Ray Chang and Linda Bufali

Contact Improvisation - Ray Chang e Linda Bufali - Roma Contact festival.

Contact Improvisation duet - Yaniv Ginton and Bar Altshuler.

'Practice time': Dancers : Yaniv Ginton and Bar Altshuler.

Contact Improvisation duet - Duet Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson

Contact Improvisation - Moments of practice, with Irene Sposetti & Johan Nilsson.

Contact Tango

Tango meets Contact Improvisation. Dancers: Claus Sprongborg & Camilla Fjeldhaug (Copenhagen, Denmark).

More videos of contact improvisation

You can see other videos here